We offer a large selection of urns designed to meet the needs of our families. Our urns have been personally-selected by our staff, so that we can provide a range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve. If you are looking for a specific type of urn or manufacturer's model, please let us know and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.


Andover 956900 by Dodge
Spun steel in mocha (shown) or ebony.
(7.0”Dia. x 8.0”H)


Nature 950703 by Dodge
Biodegradable plastic in charcoal, white or black.
(6.5”Dia. x 11.0”H)


Thamesford UR2009 by Gravure Craft
Available in gold, copper or pewter (shown), finish.
 (5.5”Dia. x 8.25”H)

Journey 4110N/AB by Eckels
Designed for the water interment of cremated remains. Made from Mulberry bark paper, Natural (shown), and Aqua Blue.
(14.0”W x 12.5”L x 3.0”H)

Unity 4130 By Eckels
Designed for biodegradable burial. Made from Mulberry bark paper, Natural.
Matching keepsake urn also available
(8.0”Dia. x 5.25”H)

Chip Carved Chest$260
Chip Carved Chest 001-Wood by Git Mit
Solid wood with carved top.
(6.5”W x 19.5”L x 5.0”H)

Antiqued M58/A by Manchester
Solid hardwood with a polished finish.
(8.0”W x 10.75”L x 5.5”H)

202 by North Urn
Solid Maple with a variety of laser etched scenes. Custom scenes also available.


(6.5”W x 6.5”L x 9.0”H)

Tambour 206M by North Urn
Solid maple with a mahogany finish.
(5.5”W x 9.25”L x .9.25”H)

Abstract Aluminum - UR7110 by Gravure Craft
Matching keepsake urns available.
(6.0”Dia. x 10.75”H)

Aluminum - Butterfly UR7131 by Gravure Craft
(6.0”Dia. x 10.25”H)

Burgundy Leaf$305
Aluminum - Burgundy Leaf UR7120 by Gravure Craft
(6.0”Dia. x 10.25”H)

Copper Leaf$305
Copper Leaf Aluminum - UR7119 by Gravure Craft
(6.5”Dia. x 9.0”H)

Tree of Life$305
Tree of Life Aluminum - UR7103 by Gravure Craft
(6..0”Dia. x 10.75”H)

Ashburnham Oak$385
Ashburnham Oak 224 by North Urn
Inlaid oak style suitable for a niche.
(4.75”W x 11.0”L x 9.5”H)


Athena 2805 by Urniezius
Available in Classic, Bronze or Pewter.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(5.5”Dia. x 10.5”H)

Praying Hands$435
Praying Hands by Canadian Funeral Supply
Solid mahogany.
(7.75”W x 7.5”L x 8.25”H)

Teardrop 950408 by Dodge
Silver teardrop shape with gold embellishment.
Matching keepsake urns available.
(6.50”Dia. x 10.50”H)

Avalon 2956 By Urniezius
Available in Pewter, Midnight Blue, Bronze, Blackstone or Burgundy.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(6.0”Dia. x 10.0”H)

Laurentian MCM by MCM
Solid red granite with motif.
(4.0”W x 9.0”L x 8.25”H)

The Angel$485
The Angel M77/1 by Manchester
Cultured granite with a natural finish.
Matching keepsake urns also available.
(9.5 Dia x 21.0”H)

Butterfly Cloisonne$560
Butterfly Copper Cloisonne 001 by Dodge
(11.0”Dia. x 10.50”H)

The Classic$605
The Classic 950208 by Dodge
Hand polished solid mahogany
in a cherry (shown), or oak finish.
(7.0”W x 10.0”L x 6.0”H)

3D Wood$605
3D Wood UR-3003 by Gravure Craft
Maple or Walnut with up to 5 different types
of wood incorporated in various designs.
(3D Cabin - 7.25”W x 10.75”L x 9.0”H)
(Butterfly - 7.0”W x 11.0”L x 8 .0”H)

The Mosaic$705
The Mosaic LPDP Mosaic by LPDP
Available in bronze, silver and gold finish with interchangeable fused glass mosaics.
(4.5”W x 7.0”L x 8.0”H)